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Light-weight fusible patchwork nonwoven made of synthetic fibres with a printed-on brown grid. 

• 100% PES 

• 34 g/ m2



For water-colour quilts with accurate and precisely matching squares. Suitable for all fabrics.

Product benefits:

  • accurate patching is very easy to achieve
  • design can be arranged and organised at the beginning of the work without mounting
  • fast, secure and exact sewing together of pieces



Cut material with a roll cutter into squares following the arranged grid design on the Quilter's Grid (coated side interfacing up) lay out pieces and iron-on dry with low pressure for 10 to 12 seconds.

Crease each design along fold in vertical strips – right side in – sew in one-inch increments.

Crease horizontal strips along fold; trim lengthwise close to the seam, folding the seams alternately to the left and right. This helps keep the seams flatter.

Steam iron the work piece, finish quilt as usual.

Quilters Grid

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