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Feel comfort and power with JUKI’s UX8! Built with you in mind, the UX8 comes with new state-of-the-art features including a 7″ touchscreen capabilities with WiFi capabilities, a large 12″ of sewing space, bobbin thread alert, light colour changes, and a multitude of other functions.


  • 7″ color touch panel can be operated like a smartphone.

Just like on a smartphone or tablet, intuitively select and edit patterns, change various settings, and view operation videos.
With only the most important and frequently used operations available, the layout and user-friendliness of icons, etc., are revolutionary.


  • Adjust the Presser Foot Pressure with the Easily Accessible Dial

In addition to the popular stitch width and length adjustments, easily adjust the presser foot pressure with a dial below the touch panel. Being able to change the presser foot pressure while sewing allows you to immediately respond to stretched stitching and uneven feeding.
Sew fabrics like knit, fleece, neatly and more without stretching by adjusting the presser foot pressure.



  • Light Control Function Changes the Color Temperature of the Light

Adjust the color temperature of the bulb between daylight and soft white. This eliminates visibility difficulties with certain fabric and thread color combinations.


  • More Convenience with 7″ LCD and Animations
    Connect to the internet to access JUKI Sewing Net from your sewing machine! From the Sewing Net, you can access JUKI’s homepage where you may view projects, product information, and more.In addition, you can watch instructional videos of projects and/or sewing machine from JUKI’s YouTube channel. 
    You can view an instructional video on your smartphone by scanning the QR code of the operating procedure that you want to view.


  • Notification before Bobbin Thread Runs Out
    An optical sensor will notify you when the bobbin thread reaches a certain amount. Sew with confidence without worrying about the remaining amount of bobbin thread.


  • Have Your Favorite Accessories Always at Hand

The auxiliary bed with accessory storage is the first among sewing machines with a 12″ workspace. Keep your most often used accessories in their place and at your fingertips.


  • JUKI Smart Feed (built-in dual feed unit)

Using JUKI Smart Feed allows you to reduce uneven feeding and stretched stitching of thin fabric. Feeding can be stabilized simply by lowering the unit.


  • Easily Switch to Straight Stitch Sewing Conditions

Not only prevent the fabric from being pushed into the needle hole at the start of sewing but realize operability that was only possible with a straight stitch sewing machine, such as sewing edges and sharp curves.


  • Straight Feed Dog

You can easily change the presser foot, feed dog, and throat plate to straight stitch versions.


  • Enjoy More Variations and Applications with Tapering

Increased ranges of the angle and direction settings have expanded the possibilities for sewing tapering.


  • Micro-lifter Function

Using the presser foot pressure dial, you can raise the presser foot slightly to prevent uneven feeding and achieve a beautiful finish when sewing quilts, velvet, and other fabrics.


  • Automatic Lowering of Feed Dog

The feed dog lowers automatically when the presser foot is raised to the extra lift position with the knee lifting lever. This prevents the fabric from getting caught on the feed dog and allows the fabric to be taken in and out smoothly.


  • Pivot Function

This allows you to easily change the sewing direction while leaving both hands on the fabric, for example, when sewing corners of appliques. (function to automatically raise the presser foot when sewing is stopped with the needle in the lower position)


  • Beautiful Buttonholes Surpassing the Quality of Home Sewing Machines

This provides reliable feeding, even on thick fabrics and seams, and automatically corrects the left and right seam densities.


  • Adjustable Cutting Width for Buttonholes
    Since the cutting width can be changed, you can sew a buttonhole that matches not only the button size but also the button thickness.
  • Smooth and Comfortable Free-motion Sewing

Juki HZL-UX8 Kirei Sewing Machine

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