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 Introducing the M50 QDC computerised mid-range machine, including a bonus package of standard accessories! 50 BUILT-IN STITCHES INC. 3 BUTTONHOLESLCD SCREENSTART/STOP BUTTONMAXIMUM SPEED: 820 S.P.M.AUTO DE CLUTCH BOBBIN WINDERSTITCH BALANCE ADJUSTING DIALLED LIGHTEXTENSION TABLEHARD COVERThe new Janome M Series delivers more, with more power, more stitches and more accessories.Quality tools will help produce the best work. Sew with the power, precision and confidence of a Janome M Series Model 50 QDC.The new M Series have more standard features and accessories than the average machine. BONUS ACCESSORY PACKAGE INCLUDED:1/4” Seam foot O, Ditch Quilting foot S, Open Toe Satin Stitch foot F2, Walking foot & Quilt Guide, Darning foot P.​There’s plenty of accessory storage and a hard cover for protection.

Janome M50QDC Sewing Machine

  • This Machine is delivered direct to your door.
    Please contact us on 01343 823961 (Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm), email or text us on: 0755 202 8389 to arrange delivery and payment.
    Thank you.

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