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Sew seams, trim excess fabric and overlock raw edges with ease with the 3034DWT Overlocker. If you’re in search of an efficient, precise, easy-to-use, sturdy and yet portable overlocker, look no further.

The 3034DWT boasts Brother’s signature combination of professional-level precision with hassle-free features.This overlocker features 3 or 4 thread sew-and-cut overlock stitches, and a wide range of stitches for decorative purposes as well as for utility stitching. It also offers an easy to-follow thread guide, and a F.A.S.T. lower looper threading system. Plus, its manual tension release and the "easy thread" left looper makes threading this overlocker as simple as it gets.The 3034DWT’s free-arm to flatbed convertible sewing surface offers easy control when overlocking cuffs and sleeves, ensuring that getting the professional results you need is both hassle-free and fast.Taken together, these expertly-designed features mean you can always expect fray-free, professional finishes for even the trickiest of narrow or rolled edges with the 3034DWT.



3 or 4-thread, sew and cut overlock stitches

F.A.S.T lower looper threading system

Fast stitching of up to 1,300 stitches per minute

Differential feed

Free arm flatbed

Trim trap

Thread twist protection system



Soft cover

Accessory bag

Blind stitch foot

Gathering foot

Piping foot

Trim trap

Wide table

Thread x 4 pcs


Thread net (4)

Thread spool cap (4)

Cleaning brush

Hexagonal driver

Needle set (130/705H) #80: 2 pcs., #90: 2 pcs.

Foot controller:

Instruction DVD

Brother 3034DWT Overlocker

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