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Bundafix (Black) Waist-Shaper

Heavy-weight fusible tape made of a blend of synthetic fibres.
With perforated lines that serve as a guideline while sewing and define a fold.

• 60% PES, 40% Cellulose

• 90g/ m2



For the accurate processing of skirt and trouser waistbands without chalking and marking.
Suitable for medium- to heavy-weight fabrics. 

  • no markings and drawings of broken lines necessary
  • secure and easy to use
  • thin, accurate edges


Iron waist-shaper on to the fabric waistband, cut to size, by applying dry heat and pressure for 8 sec.

• Fold the waistband in the middle and pre-iron the upper waistband edge.

• Sew the waistband to the skirt (trousers) along the perforated line.

• Sew the joining edge and sew the turned-over skirt or trousers lining to the waistband – if desired.

• Then, stitch the hemmed waistband through the seam on the right side.


£0.80 per full metre.

Vlieseline Bundafix Waist Shaper

Colour: Black
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