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A computerized sewing machine with smart features focused on helping you express your individuality. What ever your passion is, fashion or home decoration, this sewing machine has what you need to express it. Let's begin a sewing adventure focused on you: Your uniqueness. Your passion. Your sewing.


DIRECT STITCH SELECTION You don’t have to search for a stitch, simply press the icon of the stitch you want to sew and start sewing.

START/STOP FUNCTION Press the Start/Stop button to sew without the foot control. Makes sewing long seams, rows of decorative stitches, free-motion and buttonholes easy.

NEEDLE UP/DOWN Set the needle to stop up or down in the fabric for easy pivoting, appliqué and more.

INFORMATION SYSTEM DISPLAY See the selected stitch number and the recommended presser foot in the information system display.

PRESSER FOOT UP SAFETY Your machine beeps and won’t let you sew when the presser foot is up.

Pfaff Smarter 260c

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