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Juki Semi Professional Sewing Machine TL-2300 Sumato

Enjoy exceptional sewing and quilting performance feel at home with traditional Juki quality.

Sturdy Die-Cast Aluminum Frame

Machine body is made of a die-cast aluminum frame, minimizing vibration and noise. 

Professional performance is maintained by employing the same technology found in JUKI industrial sewing machines.


Features include:

  • Lockstitch (straightstitch)
  • Speeds of 55-1,500 SPM
  • Presser Foot lift of max 9mm, by knee lift max 12mm
  • LED Light
  • 11.6kgs
  • Machine dimensions: 452 x 350 x 219mm
  • Table dimensions: 590 x 335mm



  • Standard resser foot

  • Hemming foot

  • Zipper attaching foot

  • Smooth foot

  • Throat plate for thick fabric

  • Sewing machine cover

  • Auxiliary table

  • Foot controller

  • Power cord

  • Exclusive screwdriver

  • Screwdriver (small)

  • Needles

  • Cleaning brush

  • Bobbins(4pcs.)

  • Oiler

  • Spool cap

  • Knee lifter lever


NEW Float Function:
Now equipped with the same mechanism as JUKI industrial sewing machines for preventing uneven sewing on quilts and velvet, as well as stretched stitches on knit fabrics. The presser foot floats 0 to 2 mm above the material, making it useful for sewing over thick seams.


This sewing machine is provided with a full range of functions for sewing heavy-weight materials such as leather, synthetic leather, denim, and canvas. With its stable feeding and consistent thread tension, the machine produces beautifully finished seams even when sewing with thick thread (thread counts of up to Tex:80)


Juki Semi Professional Sewing Machine TL-2300 Sumato

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