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UGKXV2 Innov-is XV Premium upgrade Kit II + MFFC1


Now you can enjoy a host of great new features for your XV.


UPGRADE KIT Key Features:

  • Time saving presser foot function - now automatically raise after trimming and lowers when start sewing
  • Additional multi-function foot control feature for the above
  • Unlock five new fill patterns when upgrading from Premium Pack I
  • Improved fill pattern combinations to keep your pattern spacing even when using asymmetrical fills
  • Now with Stitch Simulator you can preview your designs on-screen
  • Five new embroidery fonts to give you more options for personalization
  • 70 new embroidery designs including 50 border designs give you more options when designing your projects
  • Choose from three Brother-exclusive monograms including Split Letter Monograms to add your personal touch to your creations


Multi-function, 2-pedal foot controller to control up to 3 different sewing functions, all with the press of your foot.



  • Program the foot controller functions through the LCD display on your machine.
  • Two-pedal controller can be set to control thread cutting, single stitch sewing, reverse stitch sewing, and moving the needle up and down.
  • The small pedal can be set to control one function, and the larger pedal can be set to control two functions.

Innov-is XV Premium upgrade Kit II + MFFC1

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